Custom Research Projects

Custom Market Research

Whether identified as part of a knowledge gap in the planning process, or through other means, our team conducts customized quantitative and qualitative research projects for our clients. We have experience with projects to understand visitor characteristics, travel planning behavior, activity selection, message testing, and advertising effectiveness. Our team designs and implements surveys and can facilitate focus groups or one-on-one interviews.

Feasibility Analysis

Frequently, DMOs find themselves participating in capital improvement projects. The principals of Destination Strategy Partners assist with Feasibility Analysis for capital projects, including convention and sports facilities. We will analyze the existing market as well as the competitive landscape. We will also help with a critical analysis of financial projections, based upon similar projects, to help the DMO and the community stakeholders make an informed decision regarding the merit of a project.

Economic Impact

Economic Impact studies prove the worth of tourism activities to a local economy. Through our Strategic Partners, we provide economic impact studies that are used by the DMO to communicate the value that the tourism industry provides to the local economy. The studies also show the economic benefit of the expenditure of sales and marketing dollars by the DMO on the local economy. This data is critical to DMOs in their own community relationship programs.

As a further step, economic modeling can be integrated into the Destination Dashboard, giving destinations the ability to predict the impact of changes in economic conditions on their markets. This knowledge is useful in reallocating resources to markets more likely to travel to the destination given the current state of the economy.


This is just a sample of the research capabilities that we offer both in-house and with our Strategic Partners.  Please contact us to discuss your research needs so that we may offer a cost-effective solution.