Team Building

In today’s world, DMOs are not just Destination Marketing Organizations, they are also Destination Management Organizations. The role of a DMO goes far beyond traditional sale and marketing activities. The DMO is looked upon as the unifying force for a locality’s tourism and economic development interests by engaging the overall community interest and planning for growth on multiple fronts.

Organizations of any size benefit from our years of experience in working with companies from 10 -10,000 employees. We offer customized programs in:

    • Team Building
    • Organization Change
    • Customer Service – “Own the Business”
    • Performance Measurement and Benchmarking
    • Empowering Employees
    • Inspiring Innovative Ideas

Besides employee training and development, we are experts at working with executives and management to develop short term and long term strategies for improvements in organizational efficiencies, whether it be through process or organizational structure changes.

Who is on your TEAM?

The identification of the TEAM can be simple, i.e. internal employees, or it can be quite complex, pulling in industry partners such as attractions, restaurants, lodging, Chambers of Commerce, government officials, and outside parties such as advertising agencies and other vendors.  Let us help you to engage your entire TEAM to move your destination forward.