Sales & Marketing Plans

Complementing a Strategic Plan, the annual Sales and Marketing Plan for a Destination Marketing Organization is a crucial document. Crafted with the same attention to team member buy-in as our Strategic Plans, the Sales and Marketing Plan is the blueprint for all sales, advertising, public relations, and promotional activities for the year.

Key deliverables include:

  • The Situation Analysis – covering key trends and destination attributes, combined with an understanding of where the destination’s long-term goals lie
  • Target Markets – identification of the geographic, demographic, and lifestyle characteristics of potential visitors
  • Competitive Analysis – understanding of the most likely available alternatives for the target audience
  • Branding and Positioning – restatement of the destination’s brand and it’s unique selling proposition, to position the destination strongly within the competitive landscape
  • Performance Goals – clear agreement as to the goals to be met from sales and marketing activities
  • Messaging and Call to Action – development of the message to be communicated and the visitor behavior to be encouraged to meet the performance goals
  • Action Plans – details on the individual campaigns to be executed, including creative, media, and distribution plans
  • Measurement Plan – agreement on the metrics to be used to validate success and the procedure to collect the data needed for measurement

Contact us to receive a sample plan of our past work.