Destination Learning

At Destination Strategy Partners, we turn the concept of digital learning upside down.  We don’t hide your content behind a wall.  We use learning as a means to market.   Not only do we enrich the employee, travel agent, and visitor experience, we strive to encourage social sharing to generate the dialogue that lies at the heart of turning social media into marketing.  To help the destination grow and attract more visitors, our role is to create programs that will gain additional exposure and generate further interest in the destination.

The most valuable form of marketing is earned, not paid – personal recommendations, positive media coverage, engagement on social media.  We designed a Destination Learning Platform with one main goal in mind:

Turn your audience into destination advocates.

More than just ambassadors, tourism industry employees should be advocates for the destination.  We want them to share your content through social media and readily share recommendations for things to do, based on their personal experience.  As a result, they become part of your destination’s marketing mix, not only creating a positive experience for your visitors but encouraging extended stays and repeat visitation by letting your visitors know that there’s even more to experience.

What makes the learning solution from Destination Strategy Partners unique?  It’s more than just customer service training.  We offer a learning platform that actively engages your front line employees, providing destination education through a fun experience that rewards participation.

Our Destination Learning Platform extends to travel agents as well, creating a more educated travel distribution channel to steer visitors to your destination.  We also use that same platform on our Trails Projects, creating engaging content that your visitors can use to explore your destination interactively.

Please contact us to learn more and to request a demo of our Destination Learning experience.