Travel Agent Training

Every destination needs more advocates.  The more people out there spreading positive messages about the destination, the better.  While the role of travel agents has changed over the years, the most successful travel agents today do a lot more than just book travel arrangements.  They educate their clients about their options, and make helpful recommendations to their clients about how to get the most out of their travel experiences.  The more knowledge the agent has, the more they share with their clients.

Our Destination Learning Platform extends to members of the travel trade all along the distribution channel.  Whether repurposing content created for front line employee learning, or creating new content, we use the same educate, engage, and reward model for travel agents.

We can tailor the content to highlight your most prominent attractions and activities and to share some of your destination’s “best kept secrets.”  It’s the classic win-win.  Travel agents become heroes to their clients by sharing more of their knowledge, and you gain increased visitation and extended length of stays as visitors learn there is more to experience.

We can also combine a Destination Learning Platform with more traditional trade marketing activities, such as tradeshow representation, newsletters, and FAM trips.

Contact us to request a proposal on integrating a travel agent learning program into your travel trade marketing efforts.