The Trails Projects

Walking trails, driving tours, culinary trails….destinations have long been “packaging” attractions and activities along a common theme to engage visitors and make it easier to market the experience.  At Destination Strategy Partners, we take your trails project to the next level through our Destination Learning platform.

Today’s visitor explore your destination with mobile devices at their fingertips.  It’s the perfect tool to engage your visitors, provide more information about what they are seeing, encourage them to share the experience with their friends, and reward them for continuing the exploration.

At stops along the trail, visitors can access content through QR codes, or other means of sharing the link. As with other components of the Destination Learning Platform, the trails projects content can be audio, video, or interactive.  We can create scavenger hunts asking them to find clues and solve a puzzle.  We can ask visitors to log virtual check-ins along the path, and provide an incentive to get to the end.  We can create a trail out of any group of experiences to help tell your destination’s story.  Ask us for more information.